Senior DevOps Engineer

Job description

Antavo is looking for a Senior DevOps Engineer to support and expand its loyalty management platform for retailers & brands. This is an excellent career opportunity to join an internationally recognized company in a key position.


HI THERE, I’m Gabor Csarnai, CTO and Co-founder at Antavo


Our developer team is made up of passionate, talented experts who are building a loyalty management platform that is pushing the boundaries of customer retention. You will be involved in the development of a user-friendly and modular Javascript code base that can be easily integrated and maintained.

We pride ourselves on independent decision-making - you will NOT be a small cog in the machine of a large company. This comes with great opportunities and true responsibility.

I’m looking forward to working closely with you!


  • Gabor Csarnai


  • Janos Pinter

    IT Director

  • Attila Kecsmar

    CEO and Co-founder


      • Experience working in applications, systems, or IT operations
      • Broad technical understanding of operating systems and other platform software
      • Broad understanding of content and content organization
      • Good verbal, written, and other media communication skills
      • Ability to prepare technical documentation
      • Integrative thinking, analytical and problem-solving skills
      • Self-motivated with the ability to work independently while remaining an effective team member if necessary
      • Collaborating with the engineering teams to manage code releases
      • Supporting troubleshooting efforts during production operations (typically tier 3).
      • Developing methods and approaches for DevOps. Influencing and educating teams involved in the software development life cycle while also focusing on design, test, and deployment from a DevOps perspective
      • Cloud operations. Cloud native/3rd party tools and best practice
      • Cloud resource management automation (e.g. scripting)
      • AWS, Azure, and GCP hands-on experience in multiple accounts, subscriptions, or project environments


      • Write functional code that can be tested easily
      • Consciously document your processes
      • Have experience with continuous integration environments
      • Interested in getting to know new frameworks
      • Experience in researching systems issues and products.
      • Familiar with agile principles, practices, and methodologies.
      • Have a passion for continuous improvement.


    • “The shared lunch has become a cherished ritual, where we can talk or have a hearty laugh while showing memes on our phones.”
    • “Events and team-building exercises are quite common. There are monthly cake minutes to celebrate each other’s birthdays, Secret Santa in December, and Antavo-days with company-wide programs. There’s even a sports competition with an actual trophy.”
    • “There are several comfy spots in the office where I can retreat to think things through. ”
    • “The team spirit is exceptional. We are motivating each other to be even better. In my time here, I learned so many new things. Also, the coffee is really really good.”

Application deadline: 26th June, 2020.